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Entry #6

Submitted 2.0

2010-05-24 00:07:22 by OpiumNinja

I submitted Pokemon Gold: Soundboard 2.0 but I had to compress the sounds to 8kbps, I hope Tom responds to my PM so I can upload the higher quality sound version. I can't stand the 8kbps...


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2010-05-24 18:44:17

Sucky rules huh? Wish you could have had HQ Sounds. BTW Victory Road playing Mt. Moon music? Don't recall that being there...

OpiumNinja responds:

Victory Road should have regular cave music, I remember there being no difference


2010-05-24 22:57:23

Checked a ROM of Gold: Turns out Victory Road music on your soundboards is being played in Mt. Silver. Silver's music is a regular cave.

OpiumNinja responds:

Oh got it, I will fix it when I get toms permission to upload the high quality version


2010-05-25 01:31:41

Great! I would love to help sort out any mix-ups on the soundboards if you want.

OpiumNinja responds:

of course, any help is awesome, I'll keep in touch, but my next project isnt a soundboard, so we'll see


2010-06-14 19:52:18

Hope you don't mind I help you correct/supply the correct music (as well as correct myself) for the soundboard:
The power plant plays Saffron City's BGM.
The Seafoam Islands plays Pokemon Gym BGM (no real caves).
Lavender Radio Tower plays Lavender Town's BGM.
Olivine Lighthouse's BGM is used in Silver Cave (my bad!).

Question: Why don't you have any of the route BGMs?