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Submitted 2.0

2010-05-24 00:07:22 by OpiumNinja

I submitted Pokemon Gold: Soundboard 2.0 but I had to compress the sounds to 8kbps, I hope Tom responds to my PM so I can upload the higher quality sound version. I can't stand the 8kbps...


2010-05-23 05:06:54 by OpiumNinja

Problems with the looping and sound overlap options have become too much, due to popular choice, looping will be always on, and sounds can't overlap.

Pokemon Gold: Soundboard 2.0

2010-05-20 23:18:33 by OpiumNinja

Going to start production on Pokemon Gold: Soundboard 2.0 soon, if you guys have any suggestions comment here or PM me and I will add them to my list. So far the list is:

Looping Sounds
More Sounds (Battle, Misc Areas, Etc)
Ability to choose if sound stops when new sound is played or not

First Flash passed!

2010-05-18 03:14:31 by OpiumNinja

Well my first flash, Pokemon Gold: Soundboard, passed judgement! With a score of 2.5+, not too bad, but I do want to improve my flash and make it a lot better in version 2.0

Project in the Making

2010-05-17 01:36:59 by OpiumNinja

My first flash project, a soundboard, is currently in production! I may suck at flash but I'm actually gonna try to make something useful than a lot of the stuff that gets blammed while under judgement.

New Profile

2010-05-14 00:20:16 by OpiumNinja

I wish there was a way to change usernames, but Newgrounds doesn't allow it. So I made this new account to replace 1337Bob, the name sucks now. So transfer all your hates/loves from 1337Bob over to me, OpiumNinja. Keep up the flash work Newgrounds, I'm gonna start learning Flash soon.